Lunar Cycles

Full Moon in Scorpio & Lunar Beltaine


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With all the focus on Beltaine, it may be easy to overlook the Full Moon in Scorpio . . . or is it?

Many celebrate Lunar Beltaine on the Full Moon in Scorpio. And I like to celebrate the Full Moon each month. This year, the Full Moon in Scorpio  falls on Sunday April 29th at 5:58 pm PDT / April 30, 00:58 UTC. Call on the Gods and goddesses of Beltaine for support.

Scorpio is a Fixed sign, aligned with the Water Element. Scorpio has a wonderful transformation and intuitive energy . . . associated with moody intensity, increased intuition, sexuality (and the reproductive organs). Coupled with the emotional Water energy, they are a great pairing with the lusty sensuality of Beltaine!

Becuase this Full Moon is so close to May, some call this the Full Flower Moon, others the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon. But it is also known as the Pink Moon, from the flowers that bloom in early Spring.

Full Moons are always very special . . . full of energy, reflecting the full light of Father Sun, and casting that bright light into the dark recesses within us. Scorpio in particular, with its psychic energetics,  sees even deeper, to what has dug in so deep into our psyche that we may no longer even be aware of it. The Scorpio Full Moon emboldens us to transform and release, free ourselves of that filter.

You may feel like everything is enhanced, fired up . . . your intuition, your emotions, your sensuality, your passions. You are like the FireBird or the Phoenix . . . burning, transforming, coming alive. Zinging!

The Full Moon is a powerful time for the Divine Feminine energy within us, and for our emotions. Many women cycle with LaLuna, ovulating at the Full Moon, experiencing their Flow at the Dark Moon. But even if we don’t align in that way, the Full Moon is the time to celebrate our femininity and our connection to the Goddess. This is her power time, no matter which Goddess you follow or work with.

At the Full Moon, many turn to the Mother Goddesses for support and inspiration, such as  Gaia, Demeter, Isis, Hestia and Green Tara. But there are Goddesses associated with the Moon who can support us including Artemis, Diana, Luna, Mama Quilla, and Selene.

Our ancestors would take advantage of the Full Moon light, celebrating and working outdoors . . . farming, socializing, dancing, gardening.

In ancient times, Full Moon nights were nights to be out and about, socializing or even working in the garden!

So, time to live it up with the Full Moon and the Fires of Beltaine!


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