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Trust Your Song

I am reading Julia Ostara’s book The Girl Who Dances With DeLight, which guides the reader through a one-month journey with the moon. And I love the synchronicity: my online Moon course, published earlier this year, is Dancing with the Moon. Clearly LaLuna inspires rhythm and movement in us all. Today I’m working with Day… Continue reading Trust Your Song

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New Moon in Virgo: (re)turning to your Wisdom, your Self

Today marks the beginning of a new lunar month, as Grandmother Moon begins a new phase — the New / Dark Moon — in Virgo at 11:01 AM PDT (18:01 UTC) September 9th. Time for new inspiration, new projects and a new theme in this new month. What will define your theme? What resonates with… Continue reading New Moon in Virgo: (re)turning to your Wisdom, your Self

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Celebrating 🍇 Vine Month, September 2 to 29 🍇

The Celtic Tree Calendar has thirteen months, one for each lunar month in the year, but most contemporary Celts, Wiccans and Pagans have adopted fixed dates to keep it in sync with the Gregorian calendar currently in use in the western world. Of course, it is rather doubtful that the Celts actually used this calendar… Continue reading Celebrating 🍇 Vine Month, September 2 to 29 🍇

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August Full Moon: Celebrating Diana, goddess of The Hunt & Moon

Some of the earliest gods and goddesses from ancient cultures are associated with heavenly bodies — the Sun, the Moon and the stars— and with the Earth itself, each attributed with a specific energy (feminine or masculine) and with specific functions, not unlike today’s Christian saints and their “patronage” (e.g. Saint Cecilia, patroness of musicians;… Continue reading August Full Moon: Celebrating Diana, goddess of The Hunt & Moon

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Card Layout: Diana’s Bow

I first heard of this spread — so fitting for us at the August Full Moon when we celebrate the goddess Diana — several years ago. It is known by several names including the Seven-Card Ellipse, Diana’s Crescent and Seven Stars. I like the simplicity of the Diana’s Bow seven-card spread and have used it… Continue reading Card Layout: Diana’s Bow

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Craft: Make a Full Moon Tea

Have you ever made Solar Tea? It is essentially an infusion of tea or other herbs but uses fresh cool water and is left out in the sunshine to brew. Some call this a cold brew tea. This tea is kind to the environment as no additional energy is used. When the infusion looks sufficiently… Continue reading Craft: Make a Full Moon Tea

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Lughnasadh and Pachamama Raymi Blessings

Blessings to Mama Earth on Lughnasadh, Imbolc and Pachamama Raymi Today, in the Northern Hemisphere, we celebrate the first of the three harvest festivals: Lughnasadh (pronounced LOO-nah-suh), also known as Lammas. In the Celtic (and Neopagan) Wheel of the Year, we celebrate not just one Autumn Festival but three:  the First Harvest (aka First Fruit)… Continue reading Lughnasadh and Pachamama Raymi Blessings