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Introducing Moon Seeds

Just in time for the New Moon in Pisces on February 23rd, I'm launching Moon Seeds, a special new monthly newsletter exploring the magic of Grandmother Moon, with lunar themes, New and Full Moon dates, zodiac sign info, lunar events & energetics —and a little bit of magick! Plant your seeds of intention at the… Continue reading Introducing Moon Seeds

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Celebrate your Self on Valentine’s Day

I often celebrate the Full Moon with a Goddess Bath, to celebrate the Goddess within, using a special bath salt blend to celebrate and honour my Self, which is both relaxing and detoxifying . . .  and perfect for the ancient Februa purification traditions. And I will celebrate Aphrodite and my Self with a Goddess Bath… Continue reading Celebrate your Self on Valentine’s Day

Divine Feminine, Rituals and Ceremonies

Valentine’s Day lustful loving roots

This Friday, February 14th is celebrated as Valentine's Day, and is also a Feast Day for Venus and Aphrodite . . .  a perfect time to celebrate the Goddess within and love of all kinds! I love how the significance and meaning of this date has changed over time, reflecting how those celebrating it also… Continue reading Valentine’s Day lustful loving roots

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Happy New Year to the Trees

I love how so many cultures and faiths celebrate the seasons of Mama Earth and Father Sky in their religious and spiritual holidays. Many have holy days and festivals associated with the Spring and Autumn Equinoxes, the Summer and Winter Solstices, and many of these are rooted in the practices of their ancestors, some grown… Continue reading Happy New Year to the Trees

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Connect to your Inspiration at the Leo Full Moon at Imbolg

Ah, the Full Moon. I look forward to this each lunar month even though it is the New Moon that often resonates more strongly for me. Perhaps it's the new moon association with deep intuitive energy that captures my imagination. Full Moons are action moons. Manifesting moons. Releasing moons. And each has a place in… Continue reading Connect to your Inspiration at the Leo Full Moon at Imbolg

Lunar Cycles

Spring Awakening . . . with tea!

Some celebrate Imbolc on the precise midpoint between the Winter Equinox and the Spring Equinox . . .  and that day is today, February 4th! Check out to see the precise dates of the Wheel of the Year in your locale. In celebration of the arrival of Early Spring, and the coming Spring Equinox… Continue reading Spring Awakening . . . with tea!

Moonday Musings, Wheel of the Year

MoonDay Musings: What seeds are you planting?

This weekend many of us celebrated Imbolg, which is rooted in old traditions from Northern Europe honouring the shift from deep winter to early spring, that time when seeds are awakened by the magic of light and the turning of the seasons, and start to push through the soil into the light. And so it… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: What seeds are you planting?