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A healing ritual for the world’s waters

“Treat the Earth well. She was not given to you by your parents. She was loaned to you by your children.” Our connection to Water is profound. Life on this planet came from water and is sustained by water. We are born from the water of our mother's womb and from the waters of Mama… Continue reading A healing ritual for the world’s waters

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Spring Ritual: Plant a Red Egg for New Intentions

Some rituals are complex with many steps, but I love this simple ritual using an egg and a tree to hold the intentions of birthing new beginnings. I love this for any time of new beginnings, and especially at the Spring Equinox (which this year falls on March 20th) or at a New Moon. For… Continue reading Spring Ritual: Plant a Red Egg for New Intentions

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Equinox in the Celtic Wheel of the Year

There are endless debates on precisely how the Celts celebrated and observed the Wheel of the Year. This is a challenge for archaeologists, anthropologists and those aligned with what we know (or think we know!) of the Earth-based Celtic spirituality. Why? Much of the history of their practices comes through an oral tradition passed through… Continue reading Equinox in the Celtic Wheel of the Year

Divine Feminine

Balance For Better: #IWD2019

This image captures my feelings about International Women’s Day, and is one of my favourite works by Montreal artist Cheryl Braganza. The work, “Peace, Pink, Power”, is from her art activism series and more of her work can be found here. Cheryl Braganza, 1945-2016, was Montreal Woman of the Year 2008, and a Painter, Writer,… Continue reading Balance For Better: #IWD2019

Moonday Musings

MoonDay Musings: Creator’s Plan

From one of my favourite authors, Richard Wagamese: Me: How do I know Creator’s plan for me? Old Woman: You already do. Me: I’m not aware of it. Old Woman: That’s Creator’s plan for you. Your job and your work is to be who you are capable of being today and to take the next… Continue reading MoonDay Musings: Creator’s Plan

Personal Growth

You are a rainbow

On this Valentine’s Day, I honour and celebrate love of all kinds: love for one’s family, love for friends, love for companion animals, love for Mama Earth and her peoples, and yes, love for a “special someone”, whoever that might be. Love is love is love. And as you celebrate the love that is all… Continue reading You are a rainbow