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Tip of the Day: Cleanse your aura with a Blessing Spray

pixabay_aura_person-451713_1280Some days this is exactly what my aura feels like!  Dark, cluttered, full of junk, worries and worse. I know that feeling is a signal to do some personal work – grounding, centering, balancing, looking at what’s going on in my life than needs attention.

But for those of us continually on the go, we may not always be in a position to sit and meditate. My tip of the day? A quick spritz of an energy cleansing spray – along with a powerful positive affirmation – can lift your spirits and invigorate that tired aura!

Misters made with Essential Oils are a wonderful way to cleanse, refresh and seal your aura but I often use a simple Blessing Spray (water infused with botanicals) for grounding and centering, and for keeping my aura vibrant.

When using as a blessing or energy cleansing spray (and when creating the basic formulation), use an affirmation such as: “I now let go of old energy in my life and home , and attract health, love, abundance and peace into my life and home.”

Basic Formulation for Blessing / Aura Cleansing Spray (250 ml / one cup)

  1. Wash then peel a large orange, being careful to remove all the pulp and as much pith as possible. TIP: You could also other citrus fruits such as mandarin, lemon, tangerine, grapefruit or lime.
  2. Boil one cup (250 ml) of water and pour over peel (and any added botanicals such as sage or cedar) in a large glass jar or bowl. Cover and leave undisturbed overnight.
  3. Strain all the solids with a fine sieve or cheesecloth, and decant into your mister or sealed glass jar. Refrigerate until needed.

Kick it up a notch!

If using for a blessing or aura cleansing spray, consider adding some botanicals to the orange peels such as cloves or cinnamon sticks, cedar sprigs or sage leaves. You could also add a few drops of an essential oil blend to your 30ml bottle, such as the three listed below.

Here are three citrus-based aura-cleansing synergies that you can make yourself. Each of these can be blended with 30ml of carrier oil or water (don’t forget to shake!):

Blend # 1: Spicy Orange
5 drops Sweet Orange EO
2 drops Cinnamon EO
1 Clove Bud EO

Blend # 2: Exotic Orange
5 drops Sweet Orange EO
3 drops Patchouli EO
2 drops Ginger EO

Blend # 3: Citrus Sage
4 drops Sweet Orange EO
3 drops Lime EO
3 drops Sage EO












 What you need to know when making your own Essential Oil blends

Educate yourself on any oil before using it. Essential Oils are very powerful and can exacerbate certain medical conditions or interfere with the efficacy of prescription medications. For instance, some oils cannot be used by individuals with high blood pressure, or by pregnant or lactating women. Some oils are not safe for children. And most oils are not safe for your pets.

You can purchase a blend, or experiment by making your own (with care!). If in doubt about what oils or synergies to use – and in what strength – be sure to consult an aromatherapist who will help you create the perfect blend for your needs.Or take a class in your community.


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