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Tend your Summer Heart Fire


☀️🌞❤️ Summer Fire ❤️🌞☀️

I love the changing of the seasons and what each brings to us in this beautiful cycle of life throughout the year… From Spring’s fresh growth and fertility through to Winter’s rest, followed by the renewal of Spring again.

Summer is with us now and although my Celtic body does not love the high heat of summer, I appreciate what it brings to us — the long days and the nourishing energy of Grandfather Sun, enabling growth and abundance.

Summer is associated with the Fire Element. And we are also in the Year of the Fire Monkey. That’s a lot of fire! Fire is such a passionate element — mercurial, at times hard to control, and all-consuming.

Fire is also associated with the heart (it’s the Yin Organ of the Fire Element in Traditional Chinese Medicine) so be sure to balance all that Fire energy and not let it shift to excess. And be sure to drink plenty of fluids to balance against the heat and Fire.

And yet, Fire has many different manifestations. Like people, each fire is different. There are the slow burning embers, warm and comforting. There are the wild, dangerous and powerful forest fires that quickly destroy everything in their path. There are the crackling aromatic flames in a campfire or firepit that serve to unite us in circle and community, a hearth for cooking, warming and sharing (and I love how the word heart is part of the word hearth!)

How are you tending YOUR fire? Your heart?

Nurture your fire with kindling (healthy food as fuel), and give it air to breathe and to sustain the flame (exercise and rest!). When it burns too bright or quickly, gently rein it in or damper it slightly. And do not let it burn out or extinguish from lack of attention and care.

Honour your heart and the wisdom it gives you — feel it, connect with it, journey with it… feel the love for your Self and others, its passions…. and enjoy the bounty and possibilities of Summer and Fire.

And show Grandfather Sky and Father Sun a little gratitude❤️



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