Celebrating and Honouring All The Stages In Our lives

Diana Nyad completing her 180km swim from Havana to Key West


Several friends and colleagues recently have had milestone birthdays, anywhere from 21 to 70 and everything in-between. Each approached their milestone differently — some with curiosity, some with trepidation, some with celebration… and some by planning their first cosmetic “tweak”!

At this point in my life, I have embraced my ageing process, the changes it has brought to my face, hair and body. I am grateful for the new parts (my new titanium knees, better than the originals!) and learning how to maintain and sustain my body differently than in my youth.

And I appreciate that this journey has also (hopefully) brought wisdom, an enhanced ability to let go of “stuff”, to connect with my Inner Self much more easily, to focus on what is truly meaningful in my life… and the opportunity to take my place amongst those who choose to share their experience and wisdom with others.

I know I am not alone in embracing this. I continue to meet those you might call Elders — or Crones, or Matriarchs, or Amazons (as Elizabeth Davis describes in her book “The Women’s Wheel of Life”) — who are also coming into their own as they age and are choosing to celebrate who they are NOW rather than just comparing themselves (favourably or unfavourably) to their younger versions, such as:

🌸 the “Ancient Amazons” I swim with at Range of Motion classes (average age 70+) who are vibrant and curious and fearless

🌸 the retired women and men in the Restorative Yoga classes I attend who are much more agile than I am (but I’m getting there with commitment and persistence!)

🌸 the 60-ish woman I met at Kitsilano Pool last week, who competed in several events at the Americas Masters Games in Vancouver (we swapped triathlon stories and tips!)

🌸 the vibrant colleagues, clients and participants with whom I work in Circles, workshops and other events

For me, all of these men and women have something in common… they recognize that as they move through the stages of life that each stage is as important as the one before – or after! — it, and that all those younger versions of the Self are still within them, still accessible…. the carefree spirit of the Maiden or Youth… the creativity of the Mother… the sharing of Wisdom of the Midwife and the Matriarch…

I am reminded of Diana Nyad, who was the first person to complete the 110 mile swim (53 hours) from Havana to Key West, Florida (without a shark cage), at the age of 64. That was in 2013, and it was her fifth attempt.

Upon completion, on the beach, she said:

‘I have three messages. One is, we should never, ever give up. Two is, you’re never too old to chase your dream. Three is, it looks like a solitary sport, but it is a team.’

How do you feel about Nyad’s message?

As you look at your journey through life, where might you have given up rather than push forward with conviction?

What dreams might you have put aside because you thought you might be too “old”… or even too young…. or because “it’s not the right time”?

And who is on YOUR team? Who gives you support with love or friendship, by holding space for you…. or is part of your team of spiritual allies (your guides and totems of all kinds)?

In support of helping you create YOUR team of allies, I will soon be announcing two new private groups here on Facebook, and I hope you will join me in one or both.

One will be open to those who are (re)claiming their connection to Mama Earth and Grandmother Moon, aka Seanmháthair Gealach, and the Divine Feminine (and Divine Masculine!) within each of us, and will include Earth- and Moon-based rituals, practices and shamanic work in a private community setting. This group will be open to all, whether this is your first step on the journey or your thousandth.

The second will also be a private group, but for those who identify as a Woman and who feel the Crone wisdom is starting to emerge in their lives, no matter what their age… not exactly a Red Tent group, more of a Silver Tent or Purple Tent! We will connect within the Facebook group for the Full Moons, weekly tips and Soul Questions  and for special rites and celebrations throughout the year honouring our transitions through the Women’s Wheel of Life. We will also meet in a monthly virtual Circle which will likely be via Zoom or UberConference, and/or Facebook Live.

I’d love to hear your comments about these new groups… what interests you, what would support you, etc.

Please comment below.

More info to come over the next couple of weeks!!!!

You can also follow me Facebook now by clicking here.





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