Wheel of the Year

The Law of Attraction: ask, believe, receive 


A friend of mine (thank you, Hannah Dixon) just posted her affirmations/law of attraction goals for the year on her Facebook page…. What a wonderful idea! It inspired me to do the same.

When we transform our thoughts, wishes, desires and goals into words, we put energy and vibration against them and let the Universe know exactly where we are going and where we need support.

The Law of Attraction says that we attract both positive and negative things into our life, so put your energy into manifesting the positive, and follow the three basic steps of asking, believing and receiving.

So… Step 1, asking: I am sharing my goals with this lovely group of dreamers, seekers and lightworkers, in the spirit of putting it out there and making it REAL.

And I am challenging each of you to do the same:)

My affirmations and manifesto for 2015:

I am fit, agile, and healthy. Every day I eat well, exercise and meditate. I complete at least two triathlons every year.

I wake up each day with enthusiasm for what is ahead and experience each day fully, in gratitude.

I am fully committed to my successful business of supporting others to realign with their magnificent selves through coaching, energy work, shamanic practice and earth medicine.

I work efficiently and effectively four days a week, giving balance to my personal life and personal growth.

I work and collaborate with like-minded people to make this world even better.

I live as “green” as possible – more organic and local foods; make my own cleaning and skin care products; recycle, reuse, reduce, repurpose – and live in alignment with the principles of nature.

I continue to explore my creativity through aromatherapy, jewelry making, lapidary and crafting shamanic tools. I spend more time with music – violin and piano and singing.

My relationship with my husband is even more loving and supportive, and we finally take our overdue trip to Hawaii!

I celebrate life daily with my husband, my family, my friends, and my colleagues.


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