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Holding Space on the Crow Full Moon

Full Moon Blessings_2

l love Full Moons … and Full Moons with an eclipse are even more amazing and powerful!

The eclipse peaked this morning at 4:47 AM PST just as the first Full Moon of Spring — also called the Crow Moon, Sap Moon or Easter Moon — was reaching her fullness at 5:01 AM PST.

The Full Moon in Libra asks us to hold space for our relationships, to choose unconditional love. This is especially important this month as the lunar eclipse combined with the Libra Full Moon brings to one’s consciousness any doubts or fears or emotional wounds.

What is holding space?

We often hear people talk about this concept. It is quite simple to define but can be hard to do, especially for those of us who are natural helpers, rescuers, co-dependents, Highly-Sensitive Persons (HSPs) or empaths. Our natural tendency may be to step in, offer advice or even share the journey by taking responsibility for some of the work.

When we hold space, it means just that: with our love and acceptance we hold a container of safe space for another to fully experience their own journey, their own processes, and come to their own decisions and actions.

We walk alongside them. We hold the light for them. We offer trust, support, unconditional love and acceptance… and know that whatever decision or action they take is part of their journey, not ours.

Holding Space as an Isumataq

Isumataq_the person who creates the atmosphere in which wisdom reveals itselfI first heard this term a few years ago and it resonated with me immediately. The word Isumataq comes to us from the Inuit language (Inuktitut) and has multiple definitions such as:

  • one who listens
  • knowledgeable advisor
  • storyteller

But this is my favourite definition, as it also embraces the concept of holding space for another:

Isumataq: the person who creates the atmosphere in which wisdom reveals itself

As you look at the relationships and individuals for whom you are holding space, remember to step into the position of Isumataq: teach without teaching… allow the other to learn and grow their own way.

Letting Go on the Full Moon

Use this Full Moon to examine where you are struggling to hold space for others, where your best wishes for their outcomes and future are out of alignment with their choices… where you might be tempted to control or judge or influence. And gently let go of those thoughts.

Libra is associated with the Air element, and you can use the power of Air to assist you in letting go and releasing.

The ritual you create yourself is always the most powerful and personal. If you are having difficulty getting started planning your ritual, consider adding in any of these options:

  • invite your guides and allies to support you in the ritual at the beginning and thank them once the ritual is complete
  • start by smudge your space and your Self with sage or sweetgrass, or other preferred herb
  • use incense to cleanse the air or use your favourite essential oil blend in a diffuser
  • create an altar with air elements such as feathers , air symbols (triangle) or incense
  • perform your ritual in the open air to feel the breeze, or replicate this indoors with a fan
  • note what you want to release in your journal or a piece of paper
  • Consider using a breath meditation for the  release:
    • breathe in the energy of the Air element and the wisdom from Spirit, your guides and
    • breathe out all you want to release and any doubts, fears or wounds

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