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New Moon Wisdom Work: growth through a Medicine Wheel oracle reading

New Moon Blessings! I love each New Moon. It gives us an opportunity for reflection, for new projects, new ideas, new energy!

Many of us have rituals for the New Moon. Some simply create affirmations for the month, others create spells and rituals, others decorate an altar and create a prayer or blessing

If you enjoy self-development and personal growth work —  and connecting to your intution using runes or oracle/tarot cards — you will love this New Moon Wisdom Work that I built into my New Moon practice last month.

It was created by designer-artist-poet-coach Karen D. Crane, as part of her beautiful #WisdomWorkForWomen:  an oracle card reading based on the Medicine Wheel, to be used throughout the lunar month for reflection, growth and wisdom.

Letter Size - NH & SH Medicine Wheel New Moon Layout (2)


Many of us create intentions and affirmation for the New Moon, and those — combined with the Medicine Wheel oracle card reading — are a powerful way to review and reinforce those affirmations throughout the lunar cycle.

In Karen’s words, from a New Moon/Eclipse post:

…These monthly readings are one of the most useful practices you can do because each month the energy moves you forward just a little bit. After a few months, you will notice patterns in your growth that wouldn’t be possible to notice any other way.

My favorite reading is still a 5 card reading that follows the Medicine Wheel. Pull a card for the Centre (the Self), the East (What is beginning?), the South (What is flourishing?),  the West (What is transforming?), and the North (What is the lesson?).

I do an overall interpretation initially, and also use the East, South, West, and North cards as a focus for each week on the cycle.

[TIP: Start with the East in Week One, then move clockwise to the South for Week Two, etc.]

I have discovered some amazing things about myself doing this, and highly recommend it. #WisdomWorkForWomen

I started this method last month, using the Colette Baron-Reid “Enchanted Map” oracle cards, and I loved the depth this brought to my own practice, which is based on shamanic/earth medicine principles amongst other things!

The Medicine Wheel — and many other similar Wheels, such as the Wheel of Life — have been used by cultures around the world for hundreds (and maybe even thousands) of years, and provide a great structure for self-reflection and personal growth for us today.

For those in the Southern Hemisphere

This orientation — with South/“flourishing” representing the Fire Energy and North/“what is the lesson” representing Earth energy — is based on how we orient to the Sun’s energy in my location, i.e. the Northern Hemisphere.  The Sun rises and sets the same way for us all: rising in the East and setting in the West. But to those in the Northern Hemisphere, the Sun appears to track in the Southern skies (hence its position in the Wheel) but to those in the Southern Hemisphere it appears to track to the North. You can pull the cards in whatever way works best for you. Those in the Southern Hemisphere could easily reverse the correspondences for North (now Fire) and South (now Earth) and move in a counter-clockwise direction, following the Sun’s energy.

Letter Size - NH & SH Medicine Wheel New Moon Layout (3)

Any rune system, tarot or oracle deck that you are drawn to will be perfect!  Runes and cards are available at most metaphysical bookshops, and on-line at major retailers such as Amazon, Book Depository UK and others. And, of course, you could also use a Tarot Deck instead of an Oracle card deck, or use runes.

I will post my reading tomorrow!

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